2019-2020: The Person You (Don’t) Want To Be

The Person You Don't Want to Be Swatchbook - fanned open with illustrations and names of each characteristic

“The Person You (Don’t) Want To Be” is a personality swatch book containing short loopable animations accessible through a companion augmented reality (AR) app.

The project began with a long list of “personalities” built over numerous meetings and encounters. I then asked friends to pick a “personality” from a list and record themselves “performing” the roll. They sent me their videos and I then drew anywhere from 8-12 frames to make short animations.

The personalities include: The Bully, The Silent (but Uncomfortable) Bystander, The Complainer, The Affable and Obliviously Privileged, The Silent (and Delighted) Bystander, The Inert with Self-Interest, The Compromised Coward, The Shallow Prophet, The Center of Gossip, The Constant Schemer, The Opportunist, The Self-Aggrandizing Narcissist, The Intentionally Marginalized, The Insufferable Bore, The Shamer, The Overworked And Unaccredited, The Explainer, The Smartest Guy in the Room, The Hypocrite, The Palpably Ambitious, The Unacknowledged Pioneer

Many thanks to the amazing performers: Adelle, Blair, Caleb, Cecilia, Eliot, Elizabeth, Matt, Mickey, Mitch, Na’Imah, Jed, Jonathan, Joyce, Sally, Sandra, Sarah, Steve, Tanya, and Yvany.

It is in prototype to be complete in early 2020.