2020: Mouth & Toes

Collage: Silhouette paper cut by Martha Anne Honeywell, photo of Sanders Nellis - a small man with no arms, a poster illustration of Saunders Nellis shooting a bow and arrow with his feet, a broadside advertising the paper cuttings and needlework of M.A. Honeywell

Mouth & Toes: The World of 19th Century (Performative) Silhouette Artists with Disabilities” a collaboration of Laurel Daen and Marianne R. Petit.
An illustrated and animated hybrid book, to be completed through a Jay and Deborah Last Creative Artist Fellowship at the American Antiquarian Society. The American Antiquarian Society contains an extraordinary collection of American silhouettes, as well as the broadsides and newspaper advertisements for the traveling silhouette cutter. The book tells the stories of the performative world of disabled and atypically figured artists working in the very popular and affordable alternative to portraiture, the silhouette. Artists include Martha Ann Honeywell, Sarah Rogers, and Nellis Saunders. The book will also explore the role of the Peale Museum, the physiognotrace, and the work of Moses Williams, former slave of Charles Peale and master silhouette artist. The final form(s) will include a handmade illuminated “book” in the form of a moving panorama as well as an animated downloadable eBook.

• 2020 American Antiquarian Society: Creative and Performing Artist / Writer Fellowship  (Worcester, MA)

2021 Solo Exhibition – The Body & Story
Northwest Arts Center, Minot State University, Minot, ND

Conference Presentations:
• 2021 The Examined Life Conference, University of Iowa College of Medicine, (Iowa City IA)  (Upcoming)
• 2020: Graphic Medicine, Toronto, Canada. Presentation: “Mouth & Toes: The World of 19th Century (Performative) Silhouette Artists with Disabilities” (Presentation accepted / conference canceled due to COVID-19)