Shanghai, China. I made a book this past weekend. It’s a pop-up and paper cutout book made as a collaborative project with wonderful artist Melanie Mowinski for the MCLA Gallery51 “Exchange” exhibition using the Artist Book Ideation Cards, by Barbara Tetenbaum and Julie Chen. We’ve also been keeping a tumblr site documenting our collaboration and taking inspiration and imagery the other posts to include in our books. I ran out of time so it has no lights or sound in it as originally planned. Just paper. Next time. Theoretically DHL will be delivering it to Gallery51 Friday sometime.

Links: Parallels China Cheshire: / MCLA Gallery51 Exchange Exhibition: / Marianne Petit: / Melanie Mowinski: / Artist Book Ideation Cards:

Cards selected that guided this book: Text: Abstract Non-Verbal Gibberish / Color: Muted or Pastel / Image: Self-Generated / Layout: Based on a historic example / Structure: Innovative  / Paper: Pretreated / Technique: Use a technique that is unfamiliar to you / Adjectives: optimistic, gigantic, whimsical, sculptural, futuristic