1995-1997: The Grimm Projects

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The Grimm Story started in approximately October 1995, when I found a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm entitled “The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was.”

In February of 1996 I received a grant from New American Performing Arts’ Turbulence Project to develop the story as a website. I made a whole series of puppets out of sculpy representing all the characters, went up to the Experimental Television Center in Owego and shot hours and hours of videotape. I then joined efforts with programmer John Neilson to build the website. The project went online July 1996.

Disappointed that the video got reduced to teeny gif animations, I thought it would be nice to use fullmotion video again and collaborated with Jeremy X. Halpern to develop the story as a series of live performances (The Grimm Show) and as a prototype for a DVD-ROM. Puppets were made into masks, we wrote a whole new score, generated a lot of new video, and took it on the road.