2022: My Anatomical Journal

Photo of a table with many loose anatomical pop-up spreads. Featured are the head, skull, jaw, muscles of the face, muscles of hte hand, the ear drum and canal, muscles of the back, the human skeletal system, the hand.

2022: “My Anatomical Journal: Notes from the Body in the 21st Century”
A six-spread pop-up book inspired by antique medical books. The journal features anatomical flaps and pop-ups exploring various systems (ocular, auditory, musculoskeletal, and circulatory/respiratory) as well as the human skull and hand.

The book is also accompanied by a soundtrack of first-person accounts of the body as it is experienced through health, illness, accident, typically, atypically, ever-changing. Stories are available through the book’s website: https://myanatomicaljournal.com/

The book was pre-sold through BigCartel and is currently available through my Etsy shop.

A pop-up book spread sits open on a case of books. they feature the interior of the eye and a black and white pop-up of a skull with an eye in its socket.
a pop-up spread rests on a case of book. it features anatomcial flap and popups of the skull and jaw, with the muscles of the face