2002-06: When I Was Three

When I Was Three.

It began in 2001 on Echo, New York’s premiere online discussion salon with a “Question of the Day”. That day’s question was “What is your earliest childhood memory?” Within minutes I posted three stories and fellow Echoid Ellen Tarlow responded “You should make these into a series of animations!” and the idea was planted.

The earliest episodes were completed in the spring of 2002 and it was developed into a series in the fall of 2003, with the structural constraint that each animation had to be completed in an afternoon. The series ran online for several years.

You can see the full series at https://wheniwasthree.com

Screenings / Festivals:
Vivid Wonders of a Startled Imagination, MCLA Gallery51 North Adams, MA (2009) ITunes Store Podcast (2009)
Spike and Mike’s Festival of Animation (2007)
The Independent Film Channel (2006)
San Diego Comic-Con’s Film Festival (2006)
Dear Diary – The Autobiographical Comics Show, Athens Institute of Contemporary Art, Athens GA (2006)
Woodstock Museum Film Festival (2006)
Serializer.net showcase (2005)