2007: Participatory Books

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Participatory Books. I decided to make some illustrated books based on the stories of other people. There were five books in all: “I Don’t Love You Anymore”, “Feels Like the First Time”, “I smell and Remember”, and “Working Nine to Five” volumes 1 and 2. Questions included: What is your first romantic memory? “What was your most notable breakup?” “Have you ever had a smell trigger a memory?” and “What was your first job? Stories were submitted by Matthew Belanger, Mindy Belloff, David Marc Fischer, Roxana Hadad, Sarah Hadley, Beth Harrison, Annette Kudrak, Deb Magosci, Howard Mittelmark, Mary Kate O’Neil, Steve Peluso, Robert Ryan, Miriam Songster, and Tracy White.

The books debuted at the MoCCA ArtFest in June 2007, the Smell Book made Craig Yoe’s “Top Ten Books Scored at Mocca!” list, and they received a 5-Star rating from Fanatic Press’ Allen Freeman on his Small Press Review Blog.

You can download PDF versions here: