2010: Ada’s Shop

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Ada’s Shop, a collaborative site specific exhibition by Matthew Belanger & Marianne R. Petit for the Art and Picture Collections at Mid-Manhattan Library.

Ada Lovelace (born 1815, died 1852), the daughter of Lord Byron, is recognized today as the first computer programmer. Her interest in mathematics and writing, led to her working with Charles Babbage and his

Analytic Engine (considered to be the first mechanical computer). Notes that Lovelace wrote for Babbage, based on a translation of an article by mathematician Luigi Menabrea contained algorithmic properties and are considered to be the first computer program.

Using two-dimensional and dioramic elements to tell her story, passersby are encouraged to interact with the window installation via mobile phone, activating motorized components and audio excerpts from her letters.

Art in the Windows was curated by Arezoo Moseni
Special thanks to Daniel Belanger, and Catherine White, the voice of Ada.
1 December 2010 – 3 January 2011 and 1-30 March 2011 (reprise)
Art in the Windows | Mid-Manhattan Library | The New York Public Library | 40th Street @ 5th Avenue, NYC
On view day and night.