2020: Epstein & Hassan

Image of white man with red hair kissing cheek (or whispering in ear) of black woman who looks surprised and happy. Silhouette of man and woman kissing. Silhouette of man on all fours with woman standing over him holding whip and wearing gas mask.

Epstein & Hassan: “What You Can and Cannot Say During Interracial Sex”. An illustrated book based on the long-running and groundbreaking comedy show of Epstein & Hassan. 

“Epstein and Hassan have failed in everything in life except our marriage. We have no money, lousy living conditions, and a failing career as a husband and wife comedy team called “theblackandthejew”. Yet our 33 year marriage is an amazing success. How is this possible? This illustrated adult comedy book will share the secrets of  “Blackjewlove Technology and teach you how to make you marriage work.”

Now available as an eBook for $19.99

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