2006 For Real

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2006 FOR REAL was conceived in response to The Lower East Side Tenement Museum’s mission To promote tolerance and historical perspective through the presentation and interpretation of the variety of immigrant and migrant experiences on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, a gateway to America. The heart of the Museum is its landmark tenement building, home to nearly 7,000 immigrants from more than 20 nations between 1863 and 1935. The Tenement brings the experiences of some of these residents to life through guided tours of the building. Along with tours of the building and neighborhood, the Tenement also hosts art installations, readings and online programs dedicated to issues that faced urban immigrants both past and present.

“FOR REAL” was created by TRACINGS, LLC for the Lower East Side Tenement Museum. Comics were drawn by Tracy White of TRACINGS and Marianne R. Petit.

(The Immigrant Teen Web Site was made possible through the generous support of the Independence Community Foundation, the Kettering Family Foundation, the James T. Lee Foundation, the Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation, and the Helena Rubinstein Foundation)

You can see the full project here: http://www.tenement.org/foreal/