2004-06: STEPS to End Family Violence

STEPS to End Family Violence (Promotional Video) from Marianne Petit on Vimeo.

A promotional/documentary video for the landmark organization STEPS to End Family Violence, in collaboration with Joyce Klemperer. STEPS provides services to abused women, as well as services to teens and children who have witnessed and/or experienced abuse in their homes. One of the focuses of the multifaceted STEPS program is to prevent inter-generational abuse and incarceration. In addition, their goal is to help people heal from the trauma of abuse and to assist them in developing healthy strategies for living. STEPS strives to affect policy through education and advocacy since the criminal justice system as well as the community needs information to understand the impact of domestic violence.

The DVD contained a 14 minute overview of all STEPS programs, as well additional menus that contain separate segments for the following:
– Services for Adults
– The Alternatives to Incarceration Program
– Taking Steps (a non-residential services program)
– Stepping Stones to Success (the work readyness program)
– Legal Services (both criminal and civil)
– Services for Children and Teens
– The Children’s Therapy Program
– The Teen Abuse Prevention Program
– RAPP (Relationship Abuse Prevention Program)
– YouthCAP
– TAP (Teen Accountability Program)

We followed up this project promotional/educational video for the landmark organization, the Incarcerated Mother’s Program.

In 2004, 1 in every 138 U.S. residents was incarcerated which translates to 2.5 million children nationwide. The Incarcerated Mothers Program is dedicated to supporting and strengthening families when a mother is incarcerated. For more information: visit Edwin Gould Services: egscf.org

The Incarcerated Mothers Program